Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mutant X #11

So, it's been a while since I posted here. Best to get right back on that horse...

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: JJ Kirby, Mike Miller, and Andrew Pepoy

Wow. Let me just say that this series was kind of a nail in the coffin of my 2010 run of comic reviews. But I'm back with renewed vigor. Still, this series is threating my new found strength. It's kind of like a train wreck... I want to look away, but realize I can't.

If I had any real followers out there, I'm sorry for the delay in posting. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things.

So, this issues opens with a meeting of the X-Men and Havok to discuss what should be done with the Goblin queen. Scotty sits at the top of the stairs at the X-Mansion and listens as the super powered adults decide his mother soon to be fate. Cut to Maddie talking to her Goblin Queen reflection in a pond, who tells Maddie it's time to get Scotty back. Bloodstorm shows up at the X-Mansion, fights the X-Men, wins and takes Scotty back to the Six's HQ.

After a less than warm reunion with his mother, Scotty is sent to bed without dinner. Brute goes to see Scotty, who "talks" him out of the Queen's control. The two of them proceed to try and escape, only to be hampered by the Fallen. Brute and the Fallen fight, brute loses and the Fallen winds up the killing blow. Scotty's eye glow and the room bursts with blue energy which send the Fallen flying against a wall. Enraged, the Fallen tried to strike Scotty, but Mommy steps in and reminds the Fallen who is the boss.

Mattie seems to return to her senses and tells the Brute to take Scotty back to the X-Men and all is back to where it was at the beginning of this issue.

I like Kirby's (or possibly Miller's) Maddie - and as is par for this book, the art is stylized in a decent way that isn't terrible to look at. The story is about in line too. Not a terrible read, but definitely not the best book I've got it the long boxes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mutant X #10

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy

So, Magneto showed up at the end of last issue and surveys the scene - Maddie and friends on one side, Havok and his pals on the other. He then messes up the Sentinels (on the Goblin Queen's side, in case you're keeping score) and her Majesty and friends high tail it out of there.

Magneto and Polaris try to take Alex to the mansion when an explosion occurs behind them. The turn and go into the city. They are hounded by Sentinels and eventually find themselves face to face with Maddie and her newest convert - Nimrod

So by now, everyone has pissed their pants - but who else should come to this party but the rest of the X-Men: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Quicksilver and Mystique. So both sides again are set to rumble at the close of this issue.

Not a horrible read, some good action scenes and banter between Magneto and Polaris. The art is the same as it has been on this series. Maddie looks good, everyone has beards. Not the worst issue of this series.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mutant X #9

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Mike Miller and Andrew Pepoy

Havok returns to New York City after his adventure in the swamp to find in completely in his wife's (the Goblin Queen) clutches. Some Sentinels show up, corner Alex in an alley and the ground breaks open and swallows Alex.

Turns out it is the underground freedom fighters led by Ben Grimm, the Mole Man and Calypso; they live in the tunnels under New York. They show Alex around and he says " I need to find my wife." They take him up a tunnel where who should be waiting but the Goblin Queen and the rest of her goons. They trade blows until who should show up but...Magneto.

What a steaming pile of junk. Nothing happened in this issue. Havok when on a tour of the tunnels - I could have gone to Crystal Caverns and done the same thing. Yawns all around. This is just an awful title. I can't really remember if I enjoyed it the first tie I read it, but I kind of can't stand it right now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mutant X '99 Annual

Written by: Jay Faeber
Art by: Paschalis Ferry and Andrew Pepoy

Ever wonder how the Defenders formed in the crazy world that is Mutant X's everyday? Yeah, neither did I. But Jay Faeber sure does want to tell us and I'm just masochistic enough to want to read it.

So, Alex got cold cocked through a plate glass window (not a cool as I make it sound) by Maddie at the end of last issue sending him falling to his supposed death. Well he's saved at the last minute by the remaining Avengers - a female Yellowjacket and some dude named Stingray. They call in Doc Samson to help over throw the Goblin Queen.

Fury and Maddie show up in some swamp, Alex follows them, The fight Dr. Strange and lose. Strange teleports our heroes away and destroys the nexus of reality (which Maddie was trying to control and Dr. Strange was trying to protect) and ends up absorbing it into himself. Stingray, Yellowjacket and Doc Samson decide to team up as the - you guessed it - Defenders.

Oh, and Reed Richards (who turned on our heroes a issue or two ago) is now President.

Compared to the previous issues in this series, there is some action, some psyco babble, and this story actually moves the overarching story forward. In short, this issue has a beginning, a middle and an end - something mister Mackie seems to have a problem with. The art is standard 90's fare, not terrible to look at but nothing to write home about. One of the better issues this stinker of a series has turned out.

Can't wait until I hit issue 12 - I'll start Promethea or Behold the Devil to wash the foul taste out of my mouth left from reading this series.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mutant X #8

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy

Wow, another issue where absolutely nothing happens. Maddie and friends take over the White House and the Sentinels, Alex and Electra take Scotty to the X-Mansion, Alex leaves for New York City to confront Maddie. They argue and she kicks him out a window.

Reading this series is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It's building to something that will probably be just as big of a let down as this series has been so far.

Again, in my defense, this series felt cool and new when I first read it. I guess my tastes have changed. Learn from me; stay away from this title. No good can come of it.

The art is pretty though...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mutant X #7

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy

So, this series is still kind of a stinker. Believe me, I'm trying to find some redeeming value in it, but I just can't. This issue focuses on the Goblin Queen gathering the Six around her so she can carry out her goblin invasion.

Havok, Elektra, and Scotty are on the run, the Brute has been executed and Bloodstorm is under the Goblin Queen's control.

There is a cross country road chase involving Havok and friends and some workers at the local drive in who are controlled by the Goblin Queen. The (newly resurrected) Brute shows up and tries to take Scotty. Alex won't let him and the Brute warns him that Maddie will be pissed.

There really aren't many good things to say about this issue. Simple filler that could have been done in 2-3 pages but is stretched out over a whole issue. I'm really getting tired of this series. When it came out, it felt fresh; but now it has gone flat.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mutant X #6

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy

The Brute stands trial for the death of Norman Osborn and Spider-man in the latest issue of this series (I swear it gets better). This is an issue where the story really starts to take off. We see Havok stand in the Brute's defense, and a surprise witness shows up - Spider-man!

Turns out the version that the Brute killed was just a clone.

Bullseye and the Hand show up too, as everyone is pissed off at the mutants for the destruction that occurred in New York City. Maddie and the Fallen continue to berate the Brute and Maddie does something weird that allows the Brute to be smart again...and he wants to be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

Cary Nord is what makes this series good. His art is like nothing I've ever seen. I love to hate some panels, others I just love. His Goblin Queen is haunting. The stage is being set for some cool things down the road. After some miss steps in the earlier issues, this one marks an upswing in artistic and narrative style. I'm actually starting to care about these characters. Good stuff.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mutant X #5

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Tom Raney and Andrew Pepoy

The world of Mutant X get over run by (cloned) Goblins and everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-man shows up to help the Six. There is a big fight scene, the Six split up and Madelyne goes off with the Fallen after the Green Goblin, who is in control of the clones. Spider-man (who has six arms, weird right?) follows, and is captured along with Gobby. The Brute shows up just in time to hear Madelyne tell the Fallen to kill them.

He does and Havok and friends show up and blame the Brute. He's dumb and can't defend himself - so he runs off. Havok trails him and the cops take the brute down and arrest him for the murder of the Goblin and Spider-man.

Not really sure why I'm still reading this title. The story is kind of lack luster and I remember it being a abetter read. Maybe my tastes have changed. Before this was like a nice pice of guilty candy. But now I think I have a cavity from it. I'll stick with it until the faux Inferno story line finishes up, then I'll reevaluate whether this warrants further reading.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mutant X #4

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Cary Nord and Andrew Pepoy

After our brief visit to Canada last issue, the Six return to their castle home for some much needed R & R. But things start getting funky as Madelyne decends a secret stair case and the power goes out...

So the power is out, Bloodstorm is off feeding on her friends (Kitty Pryde and Forge) and a creeping mist fills the halls of Bannerman Castle. Alex goes off looking for Scotty and finds him in his room; He tells Alex bad things are coming. They run through the mist and are attacked by some goblins. One tries to kill Scotty and Madelyne (as the Goblin Queen) shows up; she takes out the goblin with one touch. She reverts back to her normal self, Alex is left slack jawed, and asks Scotty to give her a hug.

Now, I understand that this is laying the ground work for the coming story line - but I mean come on, the cover gives away the ending. The art is getting better - I really dig the first couple pages. I started collecting this series at the beginning of my second real collecting phase (which I am still in) and I consider it to be the title that spurred me on to collecting what I now own.

This issue's merits, as a single issue, are sparse - but as a bridge between a string of crappy issues and the beginning of the first real story arc it's okay.

Well, until tomorrow - happy reading.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mutant X #3

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Tom Raney and Andrew Pepoy

The parade of weird versions of characters I know continues in this flaming piece of junk. And who else gets paraded out but every ones over rated mutant bad boy, Wolverine. I went through a phase where I was into this character - somewhere between 9th and 10th grade. As I aged, I found I liked my superheroes a little less beserker and a bit more cerebral.

This issue opens with Havok wondering the snowy wilderness mumbling about how some has "taken them all"... and this issue get worse from here. Turns out we are at war with Canada (which is the only novel idea in this book) and the Six get shot down in Canadian airspace. But, honestly Howard Mackie - war with Canada? This new world is so crazy.

Blurry images run across the page, the Brute goes crazy and the Pack shows up - Wildchild, Sabertooth and Wolverine. Havok blasts them and this revels a cave entrance. Havok blows the door out and guessed it - the Weapon X facility. Alpha Flight shows up, tells off the Six (something like "Stay out of Canada, jerks) and the Six go on their way.

What a waste of a couple trees. The art is in line with Pepoy's standard fare - nothing new here. The story is cookie cutter at best. If memory serves me correctly, this series gets better down the road. Stick with it, there are a couple memorable issues in this series. Until tomorrow - happy reading.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mutant X #2

Written by: Howard Mackie
Art by: Tom Raney and Andrew Pepoy

Havok continues to adjust to this world he now calls home in the second issue of Mutant X. In case you're unaware of the plot, Havok's soul has been transplanted to another reality where things are a bit off kilter. Mutants and humans are friends, Magneto leads the X-men, Scott Summers didn't survive the plane crash.

So, in this issue, the Six show up to help the Fantastic Four battle an inter-dimensional threat in the form of the insect-like being called Moot. Apparent;y, in this reality, the Fantastic Four get their powers from battle armor as opposed to cosmic radiation and Havok and Sue had a brief affair. So, Reed and Alex aren't really on speaking terms. So, the Six and the Four beat Moot and Reed takes him back to the Baxter Building.

Alex realizes that if anyone can help him get back to his reality, it's Reed Richards. So, he heads over to the Baxter Building and is greeted by a very friendly Reed. Turns out Moot is controlling Reed to get to Havok to initiate a cross dimensional invasion. Alex frees Sue, Ben, and Jonny and they kick the tar out of Moot. The real Reed runs some tests on Alex and find some sort of brain damage.

Wow - what a mediocre issue. Boring, ding. The art is your standard fair for the late 90's and the story is bland. Again, this series is beginning to feel like a parade of "this is someone you know, but they are different here" characters. I have read the whole series before, and it does have its merits, but this issue is not one of them.

Well, I kind of feel like that was a waste of time. Oh, well. I still liked it. Come on, junk food is always just that - junk. Until tomorrow - happy reading.