Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spider-man's Tangled Web #2

Last issue introduced Carl King, a bully from Peter's past who attacked a secretary at the Bugle.  After the attack, we see the secretary walk out w/ the bully's skin hanging in the closet.  Creepy.

Now, this bully know all about the dual life Peter lives, but we do know he's super jealous and super pissed.

Pete ticks off his current girlfriend, Skye, at a party and ends up walking home alone, soaked by the rain with every step.  He gets home and Miss Patton (the secretary) is waiting on Pete's door step.  She tells him some sob story and our hero invites her up to dry off.

Miss Patton - who by now we know is somehow really Carl King - off handedly says she knows Peter is Spider-man, and Pete - frozen with surprise / fear - watches as miss Patton's hear turns a full 180 degrees.  Once again: Creepy.

Carl (or Miss Patton of The Thousand) and Spider-man fight on the roof top and Pete find out that Carl's been watching him for a while - like ever since the day he was bitten on the field trip.  Carl bites Spider-man, paralyzes him, and ties him to a chair.

Upon regaining consciousness, Spider-man finds out what exactly The Thousand is - a bunch of spiders inhabiting the skin of Miss Patton and with Carl's consciouses.  They pour out of Miss Patton's mouth and creep toward our bound hero.  One last time: Creepy.

This is a nice issue of Spider-man, a little trip into the more grotesque side of things.  The scene where the spiders come out of Miss Patton's mouth is bound to give me nightmares.  Once again, I have to say do not judge this issue by its cover.  I really like McCrea's pencils - they are both sparse and chilling.  I really can't do them justice.  Guess I'll have to start posting some interior art on my posts.   This is a solid story.

The Thousand wraps up in the next issue - and who knows, maybe we'll read more of the Web Head.  Until then - happy reading.


Written by - Garth Ennis
Art by - John McCrea and James Hodgkins

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  1. I own this, but haven't read it in years! Guess I'll dig it out today and do some reading. I recall that I liked it too.