Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spider-man's Tangled Web #9

This issue opens with the heist being carried out, some jewels are stolen, and our gangster friends are promised their other pay off - Spider-man.

In a clever twist, Charlie (our cabbie hero, who knows who Spider-man really is) leads the gangsters to a Spider-man convention.  Swimming through a sea of web-heads, the gangsters eventually run out a fire escape and get caught in a well placed web.

Our cabbie gets way w/ enough money from the heist for the surgery.  But it's not his surgery Charlie risked his life to fund, it's a surgery for his son.

The issue ends with Charlie in a coma - which flashes back to the day Spider-man saved Charlie's son.

Now, the pay off is nice.  It's a well crafted story are, but it's too long.  This story could have been told in a single issue.  And it's boring.  The flash backs to the flipped car incident just didn't draw me in enough to make me care about any of these characters.  The art is static and at times even cold.  There is no life about it - like the artist was just going on autopilot. 

This 3 issue story was probably the weakest entry in this title so far.

Don't worry - Tangled Web is like this, hit or miss.  And on this one, it was a epic miss.

Until next time (soon, I swear) - happy reading!


Bruce Jones - Writer

Lee Weeks - Artist

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